Covid- 19

Supporting the COVID-19 relief effort

We are committed to caring and supporting those on the front lines of the COVID-19 relief efforts – words can’t describe how thankful we all are for the bravery and hard work of everyone who is making significant sacrifices to keep us safe. We are in this together.

At Victoria Beckham and Victoria Beckham Beauty, we firmly believe that during these uncertain times, feeding yourself and your family should not be one of those uncertainties. We are committed to helping the most vulnerable people in our communities: the nurses and healthcare workers who are sacrificing their own health to treat and care for others; the teachers who are continuing to support their classrooms; mothers and children, many of whom are now at home, balancing full-time jobs and home schooling; and the elderly, who are at greatest health risk and unable to go out to shop for themselves. Above all, we stand behind the women who are supporting other women through this challenging time.

Thank you for your support and loyalty as we navigate this uncertainty together – we truly value you, our community, more than ever.

Is your store still open?

Yes, our store is now open.

What are you doing to do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your warehouse and with your delivery partners?

We have implemented extra measures to ensure safety and hygiene at our warehouse, and are working with reduced teams in order to minimise contact where possible. Our delivery partners, DHL and DPD, are also closely monitoring the health and safety of their teams. Customers are not expected to sign for goods at present, and our delivery partners can also accommodate contactless delivery if preferred.

Will there be a delay in receiving my order?

Currently, there may be a slight delay in processing orders and returns. This is due to the reduced operating staff at our warehouse and with our delivery partners.