VVB Dresses


Light and easy, VVB dresses are made for a multitude of occasions. From flowing floor-length styles in bold colours and prints to playful flounce-hem silhouettes – a VVB signature – and crisp cotton shirt dresses. 

Collection Products

Sleeveless Mini Shift Dress in Iron Red
£197.50Regular price £395.00
Flounce-hem Shift Dress in Raspberry
£225.00Regular price £450.00
Scarf-detail Mini Dress in Star Print
£267.50Regular price £535.00
Tie-neck Maxi Dress in Daisy White
£280.00Regular price £560.00
Long-sleeved Satin Maxi Dress in Black
£247.50Regular price £495.00
Sleeveless Textured Mini Dress in Emerald Green
£297.50Regular price £595.00
Banana-sleeve Shift Dress in Emerald Green
£220.00Regular price £440.00
Cocoon Mini Dress in Cantaloupe Orange
£325.00Regular price £650.00